An Extensive Warranty With Every Bowflex Gym

In order to have flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength & endurance, body composition, agility, balance and speed exercise is a must for all. Researches have shown that joining a gym would modestly shape up your body. And Bowflex way of exercising is the ultimate way of sweat out experience. It is generally built up with the power resistance rods and it would allow for a smooth transitioning from one movement to the other.

Besides, the extensive warranty period that comes with nearly each and every Bowflex machine, is just a superb addition. On a Bowflex you can perform the same weight training exercises that you have done in normal gym equipment. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Bowflex fitness equipments are specifically designed and with every machine that you have purchased comes an assurance from the part of the producer, because Bowflex believes in every penny that its customers have spent.

After purchasing you are usually given a six-week time during which you can testify the utility of the Bowflex machines. If in that time period you are not satisfied with the product attributes, you can simply contact the customer service department for the return authorization. Return the device in its original condition and packaging and get a full refund. Condition is you have to return the equipments within 2 weeks after the return authorization is sent. The Limited Warranty Scheme For the original purchaser Bowflex has imparted a limited warranty subject to all defects in material or workmanship.

But at the same time if there has been any sort of misuse of the machines by the customers: like you break any of the Bowflex equipments by the improper usage, the company would never cover that costs. Bowflex is not going to warrant the machines for their commercial uses also. Accordingly the Bowflex Blaze has a 5 years warranty, while Bowflex Xtreme & Bowflex Xtreme 2 have 7 years guarantee period. Bowflex Ultimate 2 has the highest warranty period: 12 years. Warranty for the Other Accessories Bowflex has an extensive time warranty for the accessories that are attached to the machines.

Likely, 552 Dumbbell Stand has 30 years warranty; Bowflex Adjustable Bench 5.1 Series consist of 30 years warranty on frame and 1 year on upholstery. While Bowflex Adjustable Bench 3.1 Series provide warranty of 15 years on frame and 1 year on upholstery.

However, Bowflex has a record of decent customers. Any file for warranty has always been observed properly without hurting the customer anticipation. There might have been some delays in paying back the warranties due to the high volume of calls and enquiries. But that would at last be sorted out with proper care.

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