Recent Developments in European Pharmaceutical Law 2004: A Legal Point of View Since the publication of Review 2001 in the European Union, comprehensive changes to pharmaceutical legislation have led to a considerable modernization of the legal framework for medicinal products developed and commercialized within the European Union.

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Ghostwritten medical journal articles - Shorts - Brief Article An article published in Britain's The Guardian says that "Ghostwriting has become widespread in such areas of medicine as cardiology and psychiatry, where drugs play a major role in treatment.

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An emptying quiver: antimicrobial drugs and resistance Since the dawn of the antimicrobial drug era, resistance has shadowed the success of infectious disease therapy. In his 1945 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Alexander Fleming noted the danger of resistance.

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Testing in 'real people.' - drugs, includes related articles No part of the drug development process is more critical than clinical trials--testing a new drug in humans to find out whether it is really useful in fighting disease. Usually the answer is no.

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Are Psychiatrists Betraying Their Patients? - researchers, psychiatrists indebted to drug companies - Industry OverviewPSYCHIATRIST LOREN MOSHER RECENTLY RESIGNED IN DISGUST FROM THE American Psychiatric Association, claiming that some of his colleagues are too quick to hand out drugs in what he terms an "unholy alliance" between psychiatrists and drug companies.

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Legislation targets e-waste - Electronics Recycling - used computer equipmentThis evidence-based clinical practice guideline provides a summary of the most current literature on the management of postoperative atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery.

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Taking our health higher with homeopathyBecause of advances in science and technology, we have enormous potential to maximize our health.

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Inherited traits: EDA consolidation drags market leaders into subsidiaries' squabbles - News - Ikos Systems vs Cadence Design SystemsMentor Graphics Corp.'s Ikos Systems subsidiary is suing Cadence Design Systems Inc. for alleged patent infringement by Cadence's Quickturn subsidiary.