Benefits of HGH How Human Growth Hormone Puts the Brakes on Aging

The benefits of HGH have been widely touted in the media. By now you've probably heard claims of HGH being the so-called Fountain of Youth. But should you believe the hype? Read on to discover the real benefits of HGH ? and how human growth hormone puts the brakes on aging. Before we look at the benefits of HGH, let's better understand what HGH is and how it works. HGH stands for human growth hormone.

It is a hormone that your pituitary gland secretes and releases in your body every day of your life. But what does it do in your body? And why are people calling it the Fountain of Youth? Since its discovery in 1956, scientists have researched this hormone and its functions. They now tell us that even though we all have HGH in our bodies, we release less and less as we age. This is especially true in our 30's and beyond.

In fact, some scientists believe this lower level of HGH in our bodies is the very culprit behind the typical symptoms of aging. So these same scientists concluded that if lower levels of HGH are the cause (or at least the main factor) behind our aging symptoms, then we just need to increase our HGH levels to retain our youthful energy and appearance. And it seems they were correct. Many studies have been done on HGH, including one published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study demonstrated many benefits of HGH, including: 1. A significant loss in body fat 2.

Increase in lean muscle mass 3. Improved libido 4. Reduced wrinkles 5.

Reduced cellulite 6. Increased immunity These were just a few of the benefits of HGH that were highlighted in this and many other medical studies. So what's the catch, you may be wondering? If HGH does all these great things, why aren't more people using it? There are several reasons not everyone has reaped the benefits of HGH.

For many years, HGH was only available from your doctor as expensive and painful injections. Shots of HGH were only available to people willing to shell out big bucks, visit their doctors frequently, and suffer through multiple injections in the same day. I'm sure you can understand why not everyone was standing in line to receive the benefits of HGH under these conditions! Another serious consideration HGH users had to tackle was possible side effects.

Though not all HGH users experienced these harmful drawbacks, there was still the possibility of: *Developing cancer *High blood pressure *Chronic joint pain and swelling *Facial bone growth and deformities *Potentially lethal irregular heartbeat *Increased risk of diabetes *A shut down of the pituitary gland As you can tell, even the slight potential of these side effects would make most people reconsider using injectable HGH, regardless of the benefits of HGH. So what were people to do? The benefits of HGH were clear, but so were the dangerous side effects. Would HGH only be available to those willing to risk their health and their life savings? No. Both doctors and researchers knew there must be a more cost-effective way to get the benefits of HGH without the risks. So they worked hard to find a solution ? and they did. Today Trans-D TropinŽ is that solution.

Trans-D Tropin is a lotion that gives you all the benefits of HGH without the hazardous side effects. Trans-D Tropin works by stimulating your pituitary gland to release your own HGH. So unlike injections that force man-made HGH into your body, Trans-D Tropin works in a safe, natural way to increase your levels of HGH.

With Trans-D Tropin you have none of the risky side effects ? and all of the benefits of HGH.

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