Skin Allergies and Ways to Get Relief From Them

Due to the increase in the level of pollution ever day, people are suffering from a variety of skin allergies and rashes. The causes behind skin allergies are not only the rise of the pollutant levels in the air, but there are other causes. These causes include skin contact with gold, balsam fragrance, nickel, cobalt chloride and fragrances, to name just a few. Nickel is used in buttons and jewelry, but someone can also have contact with cobalt chloride with the use of antiperspirants and hair dyes. Allergies can be defined as the malfunction of the immune system of a body which causes a hypersensitive reaction by the contact of a benign substance. By carrying out an allergy test, one can easily discover the substance that could be causing the adverse reaction to the body.

Skin allergies can also be a result of an intake of particular food items that might not suit your body type. Peanut oil is one of the most common ingredients that cause allergies. There are various types of skin allergies that can attack a person. These include: - Hives and Swelling: Hives, popularly known as 'Urticaria', is a rash that causes itching. The person can be attacked by this itchy rash at any age. Red bumps appear on the skin in various sizes and shapes and can last for a few minutes to a few hours.

Scratching the rash also leads to bleeding and swelling. It is a common problem suffered along with the hives. The swelling is not irritating but it causes a tingling and burning sensation. - Eczema: This skin allergy is normally experienced by young children. It occurs when a person scratches his skin.

The rash has oozes and bumps and causes severe pain in case of severe scratching. - Contact dermatitis: This type of skin allergy is caused when the body comes in contact with some harmful substance such as certain metals, cosmetics or hair dyes. Common body parts where this rash occurs are the neck, feet, hands and eyelids. In order to find the main culprit behind your skin allergy, it is important to note and find out the main causes behind it. Suppose that you are allergic to coffee, it is better to switch over to tea or another hot beverage.

Apart from eliminating the exposure or contact to the toxins, it is also important to re-build your own immune system so as to protect yourself from getting skin allergies. Natural treatments should be opted for as they eliminate the risk of getting skin allergies completely rather than treating them on a temporary basis. The natural treatments use natural extracts so that there are no side effects and the cost of the medication is also reasonable.

Therefore, if you are facing the problem of skin allergies, start with an allergy test so that the main causes or toxins can be detected. As soon as you know the main culprit, stay away from it and opt for natural or other medical treatments.

The article is written by Nammy Mike. If you want to find out more useful articles, please visit Skin Disease and Skin Treatment

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