The Skin Itself Is Actually An Organ

Taking care of your skin is very important to every human being. The skin itself is actually an organ and just like any organ in the body it needs certain things to be healthy. Unlike a lot of the organs, it can also be affected by some unusual things like stress and menstrual cycles.

Starting in the earlier teen years as the body starts undergoing its most radical changes, it grows at a rate that shadows the first couple years, not so much by weight by actual size. The body also starts to produce and release new hormones.

These hormones will affect a person in many ways. For starts they affect the subconscious which in turn affects your emotional well being making you susceptible to a new concept called stress. Secondly, these hormones cause something known by no other name other than acne.

Acne is any child, and even some adults worst nightmare. Some people may go through their entire youth without a single acne breakout then when they turn 18-20 they suddenly breakout with acne at such a rate it seems that their body is trying to catch up for being late for so many years. Others have the normal acne with occasional breakouts that can be maintained fairly easily.

While still others break out so bad in their younger years that they end up with scars that would make the moon jealous.

Acne is just a fact of life, it does not mean that you are dirty or you do not bath properly. Our skin, the organ, is covered with millions of pores, these pores either absorb or expel. Most of these glands expel oil. This oil is supposed to help create a protective barrier for the skin as well as moisturize it. From there a few unknown variables happen that doctors still cannot agree on.

The pores start to increase production of this oil while at the same time the pores get blocked causing pimples.

This blocking of the pore means that the excessive oil has no place to go and just sits there. From that point, bacteria find a new home where all this oil is sitting and it becomes a breeding ground under this blocked pore. From all of this micro bacterial invasion, the body attempts to fight it causing redness as well as soreness. Every once in a while, an oil sac may erupt creating a larger bump under the skin that becomes even more irritated and will actually hurt when touched.

Sometime the thing you use to make your skin healthier may actually be the cause of this acne.

Some creams have been well documented as actually causing the pores to be blocked. Sometimes the wearing of hats and other forms of clothing that retains moisture against the body causes acne. If you have longer hair, the simple action of it brushing against your skin has been known to cause the blockage while at the same time hair spays and gels can cause acnes when exposed to the skin.

Sometimes even your diet can cause acne, some people have whats called a food aggravate. What this means is that certain foods will just aggravate our skin causing acne. The only problem is that although we can slow down the outbreaks of acne, we cannot stop them completely, just make sure you are doing what is needed to slow it down.


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