What are the Common Symptoms of Clinical Depression

Two of the most common symptoms of clinical depression are sadness (be it mild, moderate or severe) in the period of 2 weeks and anhedonia, or the condition wherein the person finds no pleasure on pleasurable activities such as eating, playing, socializing, and sexual interactions. However, these 2 symptoms are not the sole determinant if the person is suffering from clinical depression or not. There are several symptoms that need to be taken into great account. Knowing these will surely help the person recognize what he feels and perhaps be able to do something about it.

Here are the symptoms of clinical depression everybody should be conscious about: 1) Decrease of interest in the usual activities. Those activities that would normally bring great pleasure as detailed above. 2) Irregular sleeping patters. This covers Hypersomnia or excessive sleeping, loss of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and insomnia or lack of sleep. Clinical depression is physically evident in people who watch television throughout the night and sleep throughout the day. This can occur nearly every day.

Having difficulty getting back to sleep with periods of disturbing dreams is also a sign of a change in sleeping pattern. 3) Appetite change, both loss and gain. Usually a person who suffers from clinical depression either gains or loses weight. 4) Guilt over things that are relatively beyond the patient's control such as getting sick.

The feeling of worthlessness is also included. A person can also become upset or get too emotional on trivial little matters. There is a small tendency that a person who is clinically depressed can be suicidal. This tendency can grow if the illness is mishandled or if the person has not been given enough medical attention. A depressed person with suicidal tendencies can feel that life is not worth living.

5) Lack of concentration on tasks and the inability to think logically with evidence of indecisiveness on things both significant and less significant. This may be observed by other people or by the sufferer him/herself. 6) Exhaustion from physical activities. Exercise, work, and even walking can cause a clinically depressed person to get exhausted easily. 7) Irritability and short-temperedness is one of the clearer signs of a person suffering from clinical depression.

8) Periods of sobbing with no apparent reason at all. 9) Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem are other symptoms that can trigger depression or the effects/signs of depression. 10) Occasional feelings of anxiety. 11) Negative perception of the future or loss of hope over things. Other signs of clinical depression that can be observed: 12) Sensitivity to everyday noise 13) Behavioral changes over a short period of time (irritability and/or aggression) 14) Inattention to hygiene Children may seem to look normal where in fact they are not. The following are significant symptoms that children may display: 1) Irritability 2) Aggression, social isolation, withdrawal and other behavioral changes 3) Lack of concentration in school and at home 4) Sleeping problems that include nightmares 5) Loss of appetite that may lead to irregular weight loss All of these symptoms may appear on a single person.

However, clinical depression can already be determined it the person has shown at least 5 of the mentioned symptoms. Once you or a person you know shows some of these signs, there are people you can go to. Treatments may include psychotherapy, medication and electroconvulsive or ETC. But be sure to talk to a qualified therapist or doctor first of all.

Did you know 16% of the world's population suffer from depression? Are you a sufferer? The author of this article, Matthew OConnor runs a site dedicated to the latest news and developments in depression treatments, particularly the crucial topic of clinical depression symptoms.

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