Why Acne Still Persist Despite All The Medications

Acne may be one of the most common health problems many young people have to deal with. But they may be getting the wrong message about a solution. Why? Many drug and cosmetic companies spend millions to advertise products that either clean the skin, dry the skin or kill bacteria. Many teenagers spend are definitely influenced by advertising.

Many of them spent a lot of money on stuff to make sure they do not get acne. They take care of the pores in their skin and do face cleaning in the morning and evening. They think it is very important to look good and have health skin. They all have similar basic ideas about what will work like showering daily and washing their skin. According to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, acne causes anxiety for an estimated 80 percent of teens who suffer from the problem. Acne is a chronic condition that develops when the sebaceous glands in the skin produce excess oil called sebum as a result of many factors.

The clog forms a plug, known as a "comedone." If the plug stays under the surface, it forms a whitehead. If it rises to the skin's surface, it forms a blackhead. Dermatologist agree there is nothing wrong with keeping clean, as long as the cleaning product is mild and designed for skin care. But the real solution for most people is either diet or help from a health care professional. Consuming less sugar definitely helps.

Among the aboriginals in Australia, acne is very rare. They don't have McDonald's there. But the minute they come to the U.S. and start drinking things like soda pop, they're subject to acne just like we are.

Acne has a hereditary component, and certain foods may trigger an acne outbreak. These foods include cow's milk, peanut oil, chocolate and iodine. There are also naturally occurring chemical changes in the body that are part of the sequence of events leading to acne.

During puberty, there is an increase in male hormones which are also present in females that can trigger the process. The idea that dirt is the main reason for acne is very common. There is a tiny plug down in the oil gland, but it has nothing to do with washing. Anyone with persistent acne problems should try to consult with a dermatologist.

A general practitioner can prescribe medications but acne prescriptions can be irritating and must be applied correctly. Drugs like Retin A, Tazarak and Benzoyl peroxide will only reduce the bacteria count. Do not use antibacterial soaps as they are harsh and drying.

As for now, make sure you consume less sugar and healthier food. That is tough considering the peer pressure teens face to eat the same things their friends want.

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