CMO-grown innovation and technology: helps pharma industry keep pace: today's contract manufacturing organizations offer the latest in technologically advanced equipment and innovative homegrown production processes—breaking new ground on the road to producing the next generation of pharmaceutical products - CMOs - Special Report - contract manufacturing organizations - Cover Story Not so long ago, big pharmaceutical companies turned to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) solely to achieve efficiencies in cost, capacity, and time-to-market, or to obtain a specific expertise not available in-house.

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Retailers educate patients on generics' benefits - Special Report: Generic Drugs What does an average pharmacist today do when a young mother comes in for a prescription for a brand name drug, but the co-pay is $40, and she is on a tight budget? Or when an 80-year-old woman says she's stopped taking her medicine or cut back from three doses a day to one because she can't afford to do anything else.?

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Regulating Vitamins; Under proposed legislation dressed up as a public-safety concern, the standard for natural dietary supplements would be set far above that for highly profitable drugs being pushed by pharmaceutical giants - Senator Richard Durbin's Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003 - Cover Story The age-old, surefire call to regulate is being trumpeted once more in the interest of "public safety." This time it is to keep the public safe from those infamous killers vitamin pills.

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Plunder drugs: why Americans believe they have to put up with pharmaceutical profiteering I have only two regrets over the life I led in my twenties. I should have gone on that sailing trip to the South Pacific with a group of entomologists seeking to study the insects on the exotic Marquesas Islands, instead of rushing back to "college after my year off.

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Are Psychiatrists Betraying Their Patients? - researchers, psychiatrists indebted to drug companies - Industry OverviewPSYCHIATRIST LOREN MOSHER RECENTLY RESIGNED IN DISGUST FROM THE American Psychiatric Association, claiming that some of his colleagues are too quick to hand out drugs in what he terms an "unholy alliance" between psychiatrists and drug companies.

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Legislation targets e-waste - Electronics Recycling - used computer equipmentThis evidence-based clinical practice guideline provides a summary of the most current literature on the management of postoperative atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery.

Taking our health higher

Taking our health higher with homeopathyBecause of advances in science and technology, we have enormous potential to maximize our health.

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Inherited traits: EDA consolidation drags market leaders into subsidiaries' squabbles - News - Ikos Systems vs Cadence Design SystemsMentor Graphics Corp.'s Ikos Systems subsidiary is suing Cadence Design Systems Inc. for alleged patent infringement by Cadence's Quickturn subsidiary.